Cyalume ChemLight (6" Blue 8-HRS)
Cyalume ChemLight (6" Blue 8-HRS)
Cyalume ChemLight (6" Blue 8-HRS)

Cyalume ChemLight (6" Blue 8-HRS)

NSN 6260-01-178-5560

Manufacturer Cyalume Light Technology, West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

Manufactures Product Code 9-55600

Expiry date 2025

Made in the USA

The Cyalume ChemLight is the official light stick of the US Military. These aren’t some dollar store glow stick. If you need bright, reliable light, you need ChemLight.

Trusted by military and government agencies worldwide for over 40 years, Cyalume ChemLights enhance both nighttime tactical operations and training safety.

With a patented phthalate-free formulation, they are non-flammable both before and after activation, maintenance-free, non-toxic, and waterproof. They produce no sparks or flames and are individually foil-wrapped for light/moisture protection.

These blue ChemLights provide bright, reliable, 360-degree illumination for up to 8 hours.

The light stick has a hook and gate top which keeps the light source secure whether you’re hanging, attaching or stringing them together. To activate ChemLight, simply bend, snap and shake to instantly flood your immediate area with bright light.

  • Made to Military Specifications
  • 8 hours of 360 degree illumination per stick
  • Made in the USA to ensure highest quality
  • Individually foiled for easy, safe storage
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable and waterproof