NAR Compressed Gauze
NAR Compressed Gauze
NAR Compressed Gauze

NAR Compressed Gauze

NSN 6510-01-503-2117

Manufacturer North American Rescue, South Carolina, USA

Manufactures Product Code 30-0052

Expiry date 2030

Made in Taiwan

North American Rescue’s Compressed Gauze is an ultra-compact roll of sterile, high quality 100% cotton gauze that utilizes a unique crinkle weave that has excellent fluid absorption. It is a 6-ply, 114mm (4.5 in) x 3.7m (4.1 yd.) gauze with finished edges to reduce loose ends or lint. The gauze is indicated for the treatment of bleeding and the dressing and bandaging of wounds.

NAR’s Compressed Gauze features a proprietary packaging process that ensures the most consistent, low-cube package on the market. The package is a rugged and durable vacuum sealed container with easy-to-open tear notches. The ultra-compact storage size expands once opened to cover larger wound areas.


  • Small, compact and is a sterile, 6-ply, 114mm (4.5 in) x 3.7m (4.1 yd.) length cotton gauze
  • The compressed, rolled gauze is ideal for wound bandaging and wrapping of injuries
  • Unique crinkle weave ensures excellent fluid absorption
  • Ultra-compact size that expands to cover larger wound areas
  • Used as backing gauze for hemostatic agents, in conjunction with a compression bandage to control hemorrhage
  • Vacuum Packaged: L 76mm (3 in) x W 51mm (2 in) x D 25mm (1 in)
  • Gauze: W 114mm (4.5 in) x L 3.7m (4.1 yd.)
  • Weight: 34 grams (1.2 oz.)